Review: Techlaser Infiniti II

Techlaser Infiniti 2
A few weeks ago we received a Infiniti II Laser Pointer from Techlaser. Since we got it we did a unboxing but after getting it out of the box we were so busy playing around with it we almost forgot to write a review, this is a truly cool laser.

I have been through a lot of lasers and this is the most powerful laser I have ever came across, really it is. The Techlaser 95mW has green rays and I must say is not to be taken for a toy because it is so powerful that it will even burn plastic and also you should use according to rules by the law. Once you get this you will be tempted to beam it in windows and cars but please don’t.

The lasers are available from 15mW to 125mW from their website, however they sent us the Infiniti II Series which is the 95mW version which is so power you can see the green beam coming from it, in the dark, in light no matter what the time is you will see it. We also got a cool pair of shades with it too, at first I thought it was just for fashion but by playing around with it I realize that it is for use with the laser. If you beam the laser without the shades you will see a bright green light but when you put the shades on and do the same I realized I only saw a a regular dot.

The Laser works with 2 AAA batteries and will run it the laser for approximately an hour. You can get one for $300 at Techlaser. I am certainly keeping this laser its too cool to giveaway. smile..

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