[Review] USB-Powered Hand Warmer and Mini Whack It KeyChain

I recently received a package via snail mail with three novelty gifts in it. There was the Mini Whack It, a keychain whack a mole game, the USB-Powered mini Handy Massager & Warmer and a hand pressing flash light. These are pretty handy devices to help pass time, or help relieve pain from the hands after a long day of typing. There isn’t much to say about the devices as they are pretty small and doesn’t have a lot of features to them.

Game Keychain Whack-a-moleThe Mini Whack It, a keychain with an integrated hand operated whack-a-mole game that has 18 levels. It features silicon-made buttons that are durable and flexible, it is lightweight and ready to be played anytime or just about anywhere. To play simple use your fingers or thumbs to whack the rodents over the head and earn points, you have to whack the buttons as they light up while the music plays. It has a power button that switches the Whack It on/off and the middle of the same button to mute the sound. The Whack It Game Keychain is presently available from ToyGadgets for the price of USD7.44.

USB Hand WarmerThe mini Handy Massager & Warmer is powered by the USB port on your computer, it comes with a switch than enables the user to switch between the two different modes. Switch to one side and it vibrates to give a nice hand massage or switch to the other side and the device warms up. It ships with a USB cable to power the device and comes in a varies of styles. These along with a wide range of other USB-powered devices are presently available from ToyGadgets.

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