RIM working on 4G / LTE Blackberry

LTE Blackberry
It came to my understanding that the guys over at RIM is planning or already started to creating an LTE BlackBerry. RIM is just stepping ahead of the competitions so that they will have a handset ready for release as soon as LTE begins worldwide deployment.

What is LTE? you might ask. LTE is also known as 4G network technology and is the heir to 3G and 3.5G networks. 2011 is the year when LTE is generally expected to be available with the major carriers of the world. Here is how BGR explained the LTE:

Think of it as an IP-based network in which voice and data connections are streamed together without distinction and are broadcasted through a ridiculously fast connection that has up to four-times the efficiency at delivering data-packets than the 3.5G networks of today.

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