Ripple Look Nettop gets Updated with AMD Fusion APU

Ripple Look Nettop
Ripple has announced that they have updated their Look nettop computer that was unveiled a few months back, the updated version of the Look Nettop gets powered by an AMD Fusion APU and drops the Intel Dual-Core Processor and integrated graphics card from the previous model.

The updated version gets the 1GHz AMD Fusion E-350 Zacate processor, there is the Radeon HD6310 graphics card, up to 320GB of Hard Disk Storage and 2GB of RAM. The device measures 235x215x69mm and weighs only 400g which is approximately the size of two large smartphones placed together. It integrates D-sub output as well as an HDMI port which allows connectivity to an HDTV at home. No pricing information found for the updated Ripple Look Nettop.

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