ROCCAT Lua 3-Button Gaming Mouse

Here’s another Gaming Mouse for all you gaming enthusiasts, the new ROCCAT Lua 3-Button Gaming Mouse. This new gaming rodent was unveiled at the E3 and Computex Trade Show, the new Lua 3-button gaming mouse is described by the maker as “The Classic 3-Button Mouse: Re-Mastered”.
ROCCAT Gaming Mouse
ROCCAT Studios takes the classic three-button mouse design and inject it with their gaming engineering. It features a Pro Optic R2 sensor with choice of seven DPI settings – 250, 500, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750 and 2000, plus it also have a dedicated DPI button for gamers to easily change the speed that suits their gaming style.

The Lua also sports a precise 2D scroll wheel that delivers solid tactle feedback, it has balanced, ambidextrous V-shaped design that delivers comfort to both left- and right-handed users. There are “No Sweat” side grips that provides a steady hold, while its soft touch surface offers comfortable use. The gaming mice will be available this August and will cost you $29.99 to own.

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