Roku Streaming Stick brings 1200 Channels to your TV for $50

Roku is prepping for the launch of its new Streaming Stick which is about the same size as Google’s Chromecast, and brings the Roku Streaming experience to your TV for $50. Unlike the previous models from the brand, the Roku Streaming Stick plugs directly into the HDMI port on your television and gives you access to approximately 1200 internet media channels.

roku streaming stickThe Streaming Stick will ship with a remote control allowing the user to find content without the need for your smartphone or tablet. The stick doesn’t require the power of the set’s HDMI port to operate, instead it has a micro USB port as its power source, kinda similar to the Google Chromecast.

Roku recently placed the Roku Streaming Stick up for pre-order, and will start shipping in April. The Streaming Stick will be available in stores and in various markets at the same time as well; other markets includes Canada, UK and Ireland.

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