Roll Up Travel Charger for Multiple Device Charging

Roll Up Travel ChargerHere’s the Roll Up Travel Charger, a portable charger that was designed specially for users who wants to minimize cable clutter when charging multiple portable devices. The Roll Up Charger features multiple charging outlets which were all placed on a single bar that rolls up into a slip-proof, polyurethane mat. It offers the ability to recharge up to 4 devices simultaneously while the charger only occupies a single wall outlet.

The Roll Up Travel Charger is compatible with a variety of devices including the iPhone 3G/4, iPad 1/2, 1st to 5th generation iPod, iPod nano, iPod touch, as well as four other connectors which makes it compatible with devices that has a Mini USB or Micro USB port. The Roll Up is ideal for traveling as it weights only 7 oz, it is presently available and goes for the price of $49.

[via Restoration Hardware]

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