Samsung DualView DV300F 16-Megapixel Digital Camera

Samsung DualView DV300F
Samsung Electronics just announced its new DV300F Digital Camera from its DualView series, it comes with a 16-Megapixel sensor, the latest in DualView technology with Wi-Fi connectivity. The DualView DV300F comes with dual screens; there’s a 1.5-inch front-facing LCD that helps when attempting to capture self portraits, it also has a child mode that displays an animation to keep little ones focused and a visual self timer that makes it easy to put oneself in the picture.

There’s also a main display on the back of the device when capturing photos, it features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity enables users to email their images or even upload images and videos to social media website including Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and YouTube. The DV300F boasts a 25mm wide-angle lens, a 5x optical zoom, picture-in-picture function, there’s an Auto PC Backup function which allows the user to backup images to their home PC without the use of wires, it features Cloud Service including Samsung’s AllShare Play and Microsoft SkyDrive.

The Samsung DualView DV300F will be available in a variety of metallic colors but no pricing information has been announced.

[via BusinessWire]

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