Samsung E1107 Crest Solar Mobile Phone

Samsung E1107 Crest Solar
Just a few days ago Samsung officially joined the “Go Green” team and launched their first and Cheap Solar Powered Mobile Phone. Having a Samsung Crest Solar or as it is known officially as the E1107 won’t cost much on your pocket as it is charged via Sunlight and will only cost you $59 United States dollars on the Asian Market but there is no word on how much it will cost when it hits the United States and other countries.

The Samsung Crest Solar features a large solar panel on the back which can provide up to 10 minutes of talk time from every hour it spends in the sun charging. When you hear “solar” you probably thinking that its just a simple handset but no it carries a camera, Mp3 Player, FM Radio, Games and a flashlight.

There is also an AC Adapter just in case there is no sun for a few days, you know you never can tell what might happen. The Samsung E1107 also features Samsung’s proprietary Mobile Tracker which alerts the relevant authorities in case of an emergency with a SOS signal and a fake call feature that will pull you out of any sticky situation with a timed phone call.

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    please send me total list of solar mobiles nonbranded compony

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