Samsung ES9000 75-inch Smart TV for $17,500

Samsung ES9000
If the regular 50-60-inch flat-screen display on your wall just don’t cut it anymore then you might consider upgrading to Samsung’s new ES9000 Smart TV which was initially unveiled at the CES at the beginning of this year. The Samsung ES9000 Smart TV is powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor which enables the television to run multiple Smart TV applications at the same time.

The Samsung ES9000 is also the world’s largest OLED TV and was created from a single pane of glass, plus it has a 7.9mm thick bezel which means it offers unlimited contrast ratios. The Smart TV from Samsung is expected to arrive in South Korea this week and comes with a price tag of $17,500.

According to Samsung, the ES9000 marks a new era of minimalistic design and because Super OLED technology features self-emitting RGB sub-pixels which do not require a backlight, the TV weighs 30 percent less than a standard LED TV.

[Via: Geeky]

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