Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit Rumored for MWC 2014

There are rumors stating that Samsung will be unveiling the new Galaxy S5 in the next few days at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. In addition to the new smartphone, it’s believed that the Korean Mobile Makers will be unveiling multiple models of the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch.

samsung galaxy gear smartwatchIt was revealed that at-least one of the the Galaxy Gear variants will be called the Galaxy Gear Fit. Judging from the name that Samsung has chosen for the device, we can tell that this is some sought of fitness-related accessory. The device will allow users to track their physical activities such as distance run, steps, and probably heart rate as well.

The rumors also claim that Samsung will be losing the integrated camera which could ultimately help to keep the price down. It sounds like a good idea and we guess it can’t hurt to have more fitness band alternatives in the market.

[Source: UberGizmo]

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