Samsung Galaxy S3 S Voice feature

Samsung Galaxy S3’s S Voice Feature Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S3 S Voice feature
Samsung announced that they would launch a new feature which many think to be a direct and immediate rival to the Siri feature found on the iPhone, but at the end of the day it all has to work as good as the Siri and will it handle the accents of non-native English speakers.

Well it would seems as if the company just leaked the feature so the masses who own Android-powered smartphones are able to give S Voice a try. The feature isn’t available for all devices just yet as it’s still beta, but so far most users with the Galaxy Nexus has reported that the feature works pretty well.

Samsung has added a few key phrases that the feature responses to most effectively, such as “Hi Galaxy” which boot up the feature. If you have an Android-powered device and would like to try install the feature on your handset, then head over to XDA Forum.

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