Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is headed to Verizon Wireless

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Mini, the smaller sibling to the Original S4 is headed to the Verizon Wireless network. It seems that Verizon is the only US-based carrier that has signed on to offer the device to their customers. The Samsung SCH-i435 was just spotted on the Bluetooth SIG’s website with the Verizon Wireless logo all branded all over it.

Verizon Samsung S4 Mini vs iPhone
Here’s the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Smartphone up against the Apple iPhone 5 Smartphone
The website shows off a number of leaked photos, however a handful of leaked photos can’t confirm a release date nor a price, but if it’s already popping up with that label on the rear, surely the wait won’t be much longer. We just have to wait and see how much it will go for and when it will be available to customers.

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