Samsung Galaxy S5 outsells S4 in the first month

Samsung Electronics is now celebrating a milestone for the sales of the Galaxy S5, according to the company sales of the S5 during the first month of availability have surpasses units sold the first month of Galaxy S4.

galaxy s5
The company announced that the S5 has sold 11 million units since it was made available on the market, which is way more than the amount of Galaxy S4 units sold during it’s same time being available on the market. The sales stats of the “next big thing” was announced by a company spokesperson earlier this week.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 sold 10 million units 27 days after it went on sale, which means the S5 is currently leading with a 1 million margin. The Galaxy S5 has been criticized by many and at the same time it’s considered to bring something new to the table.

The most noteworthy features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 includes an built-in heart rate monitor as well as a fingerprint scanner, even thought some claims that the features doesn’t always function as described.

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