Samsung HMX-S15 and HMX-S16 Camcorders with WiFi Connectivity

Samsung HMX-S15 and HMX-S16 Camcorders with WiFi
Samsung also launched its S-series of camcorders at the CES 2010. Three units are available in the S-series including the HMX-S15 and HMX-S16 that are the world’s first camcorders to have integrated Wi Fi and DLNA connectivity and the Samsung HMX-S10 with no WiFi.

Both WiFi capable camcorders, the HMX-S15 and HMX-S16 features the 1/2.3 inch BSI (Back Side Illumination) CMOS imaging sensor that offers outstanding low-light performance, a Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan-HD lens with Samsung’s 18x Intelli Zoom and a 3.5-inch touchscreen with a 3D UI. They both are capable of snapping 10 megapixel photos and record full HD video in 368×208 at 300fps or 192×112 at 600fps.

The HMX-S15 and HMX-S16 comes with 32GB and 64GB SSD respecitvely plus there is a SD/SDHC memory card slot, the Samsung HMX-S10 has all the features of both above but has no Wifi or interanl SSD storage.

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