Samsung LD220G & LD190N Lapfit Monitors for Notebooks

Samsung LD220G & LD190N
Samsung announced the release of its Lapfit monitors, the LD220G & LD190N, which is used as a secondary display for Notebook PCs. The Samsung Lapfit Monitors offers notebook users the benefits of having dual displays to view multiple web sites, documents, tool palettes and widgets.

The Samsung LD190N features a 22-inch LCD HD display with a 1360 x 768 resolution while the Samsung LD220G has a 22-inch LCD HD display with 1080p 1920×1080 resolution. Both of them screen also features a 250 cd/m2 brightness, 5ms response time and a 20,000:1 dynamic contract ratio. The LD220G Lapfit Monitor features UbiSync technology for connectivity via USB, the LD220G & LD190N Lapfit monitors are available at an estimated street price of $249.99 and $149.99, respectively.

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