Samsung Milk Music Service for $4 Monthly without Ads

Samsung has officially announced its Milk Music Streaming Service, it’s available in a free version or a paid ad-free version which cost you a $4 monthly subscription fee. The new Milk Music app features an intuitive user interface and delivers over 200 stations and fully customizable to your liking.

milk music samsungRight now you can listen to your favorite tunes on Samsung’s Milk Music, however if you can’t stand being interrupted by adverts then you can upgrade to the premium tier for a subscription fee of $3.99 monthly. It might not take Samsung very long to make its Milk Service into a household name, even to the likes of rivals like Pandora, iTunes Radio and others in the same category.

Milk Music is still cheaper than its competitors and in addition to the intuitive user interface you also get ad-free listening, unlimited skipping, and offline playback among other features. The service is now available only in the United States, and you can get started by downloading the app from Google Play.

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