Samsung NX3000 Smart Camera is ideal for selfies

Samsung has announced another entry-level smart camera in the form of the Samsung NX3000. This new smart camera was developed with those who love taking selfies in mind, it features a flip-up display which allows the user to preview their poses before snapping. The NX3000 is basically the company’s entry-level version of the high-end Samsung NX30.

samsung nx3000
Like its more expensive big brother, the NX3000 also features a 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and also capable of recording 1080p videos. The shutter speed range is much smaller than the NX30 and its only capable of getting 5 frames per second continuous shooting, compared to 1/8000 and 9 FPS on the NX30.

Other features includes WiFi and NFC connectivity, it has a 3-inch flip-up LCD display which includes Wink Shot allowing users to simply flip up the display and Wink at the camera to capture a selfie. The NX3000 is also an interchangable lens camera, and at purchase you have the option to checkout with one of two lenses – a 16-50mm OIS Power Zoom lens with an external SEF-8 Flash or a 20-50mm lens with the same SEF-8 Flash.

Samsung’s NX3000 will be available next month in the colors of black, white, or brown for $529 with the 16-50mm lens or $479 with the 20-50mm lens.

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