Samsung probing Apple and HTC’s Patent Deal

A few days back HTC and Apple made a 10 year licensing deal, which allows HTC privileges to use Apple’s patents on their future devices. HTC would in return pay Apple a fee for each Android device sold, a fee of approximately $8 per device.

Samsung versus AppleSamsung has been raising their eye brows ever since the deal was announced between both companies, and were quick to say that they would not be entering into a similar deal with Apple, but they have made it clear that they want to look into the agreement between HTC and Apple.

Samsung has since filed a motion with the courts in the US in the attempts to get their hands on the documents. The company wants to find out which patents are included in the deal, as they want to find out if these are the same patents Apple sued them for, because Apple said they did not want to license those specific patents to anyone when both companies were in court.

If it is revealed that Apple has licensed these patents to HTC, but refused to license them to Samsung, then Samsung could possibly have a case for appeal against the $1 billion judgement.

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