Samsung Q330, Q430 and Q530 Notebooks coming in July

Samsung Q330, Q430 and Q530 Notebooks
Samsung is planning to launch three new notebooks in the UK this July, the new notebooks are the Q330, Q430 and Q530 slim notebook PCs, all with a brushed silver finish. The 13.3-inch Q330 gets integrated Intel GMA HD grahics while the 14-inch Q430 and 15.6-inch Q530 sports NVIDIA GeForce GT310M 512MB and 1GB GT330M respectively. They also get WiFi Connectivity and HDMI Output.

All three models are powered by Intel Core i3 Processors running at 2.26GHz, up to 320GB Hard Drive and up to 4GB of RAM expect for the Q330 which gets only 3GB. They all comes with a 6-cell battery for 5 hours of operation and gets a DVD SuperMulti Burner.


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