Samsung Stainless Steel Microwave Oven Launched

If you are a home owner who only get the best devices for your home, then you might also want to get this new Kitchen appliance or should it be referred to as a Kitchen Gadget.

Samsung just launched a new stainless steel microwave oven on the market that comes with a sleek metallic finish with a durable and scratch-proof ceramic surface.

Samsung Stainless Steel MicrowaveUnfortunately, the household appliance is only available in South Korea and there’e no word if it will make it to this side of the globe anytime soon. The new Stainless Steel Microwave Oven was designed specially for use in your kitchen, it features three dimensional high frequency radio waves to cook healthy food.

It also promotes cleanliness with its “Antibacterial Ceramic Inside” certification from Hohenstein Institute. It also comes with pre-loaded settings to easily cook Korean dishes like steamed eggs and other foods. It is now available for sale in South Korea for the price of 179,000 Korean Won which is approximately $150USD.

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