Samsung unveils 110-inch UHDTV before CES 2014

CES is the platform that most consumer electronics manufacturer use to showcase their new products. Well Samsung has decided to jump the gun and unveiled their new 110-inch UHDTV a few weeks before the event in Las Vegas. Even though they unveiled the device before, they plan to showcase the huge television set during the trade show next month.

samsung 110-inch uhdtvSamsung plans to start selling the huge television set today, even though no pricing details has been unveiled for the new set. At CES 2013, Samsung released the 85-inch UHDTV that was priced at around $40,000, which makes it safe to say the 110-inch set won’t come cheap.

Samsung expects that they will limiting the sale of the television set to certain markets at first. However, they plan to roll out to a wider audience at a later date. We will have more coverage on the device during the CES 2014 week in Las Vegas.

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