Samsung WEP490 Corby Multi-Colored Bluetooth Headset Debuts

The Samsung Touchscreen S3650 Corby today got its soul mate, the Samsung WEP490 Corby Bluetooth Headset. The Corby Bluetooth Headset is the perfect accessory for the Corby Mobile Phones since they have changeable cases to match the handsets. Now that we have clearly stated that the phones and the headsets are perfect for each other, lets see what it can do.

The WE490 Bluetooth Headset features a technology that you normally see in the present bluetooth headsets, such as noise reduction, echo cancellation and automatic volume control. It also has a really good battery life which offers up to 6-hours chatting and up to 10 hours of standby time. The Samsung Corby WE490 will be announced in Russia first and will be going for a price equivalent to United States $45.

4 Replies to “Samsung WEP490 Corby Multi-Colored Bluetooth Headset Debuts”

  1. A friend of mine was bragging about wep490 and so I tried it once and it was good. It is indeed an attractive product with neat design.

  2. My dad frequently answers the phone while driving. But it’s really dangerous if I look from behind. I thought that I would get a Bluetooth headset as a gift. My dad likes colorful stuff so I got a WEP490 from Samsung. I also liked the price, it wasn’t that expensive. I hope that it works well too!

  3. It’s easy and comfortable to use. The design is cute and pretty compared to other products so I love it. It has Auto Volume Control which is absolutely convenient. WEP490 is a product to recommend.

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