SanDisk Ultra Solid State Drive Series

SanDisk Ultra Solid State Drive SeriesAnother Solid State Drive that was just entered into the market is the SanDisk Ultra Solid State Drive which is aimed at everyday consumers who required external storage solution. The SanDisk Ultra was designed specially for use with notebooks and desktop computers as well as to deliver greater performance, durability and power efficiency than an hard drive.

The SanDisk Ultra is available in the capacities of 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB, they are all based on SATA II 3GBps interface which ensures a maximum write speed of 270MB/s and a top read speed of 280MB/s. It is also said to offer long-term reliability and an enhanced user experience. presently has the 120GB model on sale for the price of $179.99 even though it has a suggested market price of $219.99, the 60GB model for $129.99 and the 240GB model for $449.99.

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