Sanwa intros 700-BTL011 Portable Battery

Sanwa just announced the availability of its new mobile battery that goes by the model name 700-BTL011. The new Sanwa 700-BTL011 measures W125mm x H185mm x D14.5mm and weighs 500 grams which allows the user to easily carry the mobile battery.

Sanwa 700-BTL011 Mobile BatteryThe Sanwa 700-BTL011 comes with an aluminum housing that will keep the battery protected in-case of accidental drops, it has a 5 stage battery storage status LED light, it has one USB 5V output port, one DC 12V/16V/19V output port (switchable), one charging port and a high-capacity 16000mAh battery.

The new 700-BTL011 Portable Battery allows the user to keep their devices including Smartphones, Laptops and Tablets full charged while on the go, when a fulled powered device is necessary to have. Sanwa is now selling the mobile battery for the retail price of 12,800 Yen in Japan (about $152).

Sanwa 700-BTL011 with Apple iPad
Sanwa 700-BTL011 with Apple iPad

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