Sanwa MA-NANOIR13 Infrared Wireless Mouse

Sanwa MA-NANOIR13 Infrared Mouse - Red model
Sanwa Supply just unveiled the new MA-NANOIR13 optical Wireless Mouse that comes with infrared optical sensors. The MA-NANOIR13 is a right-hand oriented mouse has comes with a 5-button design, including the left and right click buttons, a 2-way scroll wheel and two side buttons. The wireless mouse uses infrared sensors which consumes less power that visible light sensors thus conserving the battery power of the mouse.

Sanwa MA-NANOIR13 Infrared Mouse - Black Model
The Sanwa MA-NANOIR13 operates on a 2.4GHz wireless frequency with a USB micro receiver that comes bundled with the peripheral. Sanwa plans to release the new mouse on the Japanese market, they will be available in the colors of black, silver and red for the price of 3675 Japanese Yen which is approximately $44 in US currency.

Sanwa MA-NANOIR13  Silver
Sanwa MA-NANOIR13 Infrared Mouse - Silver model
The MA-NANOIR13 measures 55 x 107 x 36 mm and weighs 70g when the two AA batteries aren’t intact, which will provide up to 15 months of usage. The sensors offers a tracking resolution as high as 3000 DPI, the resolution can be switched on-the-fly between 3000, 1500 and 1000 DPI.

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