Sanyo CE52SR1 52″ LCD

Sanyo CE52SR1
On Wednesday Sanyo USA introduced the CE52SR1 its latest waterproof 52″ LCD screen made for outdoor use. The CE52SR1 weights 188lbs. (83.5 kg) and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It was made for outdoor use so it is absolutely waterproof and lightweight. Read More from the press release after the jump.

June 18 — INFOCOMM –
SANYO, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of LCD and DLP projectors introduces their second-generation LCD Waterproof Monitor, the CE52SR1. Integrating SANYO’s revolutionary sun-readable LCD panel and marine grade construction, the CE52SR1 is designed for virtually any outdoor installation.

This unique LCD monitor is lightweight, runs cooler and uses less
electrical power than similarly sized plasma monitors. The CE52SR1
surprisingly makes no compromises on image quality with Full HD resolution
(1920 by 1080 pixels) and a stunning 1500:1 contrast ratio. Combined with
the CE52SR1’s sun-readable feature, it is also ideal for viewing under
sunlight with 1500 cd/m2 on-screen brightness.

Systems integrators will find the CE52SR1 is adaptable for most outdoor
applications in venues such as public place like theme parks, sporting
events, bus stops, and railway stations, even highway tollbooths. It can be
used in shop windows with sunlight streaming in, restaurant entrances and
brightly lit shopping malls. Designers and decorators can use the CE52SR1
onboard a yacht or in a crowded public garden where weather and light are
most commonly problematic.

“The CE52SR1 expands SANYO’s lineup of industry leading specialty LCD
displays. Our customers have asked for larger and brighter waterproof
displays and the CE52S1 delivers on both counts,” says Mark Holt, the Vice
President and General Manager for SANYO’s Presentation Technologies

The CE52SR1 is highly resistant to typical weather conditions, due to
its impressive IP-66 rating. The Ingress Protection, or IP, rating was
established by the European Committee for Electro Technical Standardization
(CENELEC, described IEC/EN 60529) and specifies the environmental
protection an enclosure provides. The first number indicates the level of
protection against dust, while the second number specifies the protection
against liquids. This new IP rating is slightly higher than the rating
given to SANYO’s first waterproof LCD monitor, the CE42’s, which was rated
at IP-56. The increased rating indicates the CE52SR1 is better protected
against harmful particles that can form outside the monitor. The protection
against water is so substantial the CE52SR1 can withstand low-pressure jets
of water sprayed directly on the front glass.

The CE52SR1’s frame and cabinet are constructed from a marine grade
anodized aluminum and were designed with a “no holes” ventilation system
such that the LCD monitor stays cool while being protected from dust and
various weather conditions. Additionally, the CE52SR1 is outfitted with a
tough, tamper-resistant anti-reflection cover glass, which makes the
monitor highly suitable for use in well-trafficked public areas as well as
in almost any kind of unprotected outdoor location.

The CE52SR1 also offers the ability to combine up to 25 units (maximum
5×5 configuration) from a single input signal, making it even more suitable
for public displays. Having this type of flexibility offers more
opportunities in a variety of settings.

The CE52SR1 comes equipped with a wide variety of input/output
terminals (including DVI-D instead of HDMI) so that you can make full use
of the LCD monitor’s colorful, blur-free, high-speed 6.5 ms response time
while watching a wide range of real time video signals. In addition to all
the above features, like other SANYO display products, the CE52SR1 can be
fitted with their PJ-Net Organizer (POA-LN01) so that this large, outdoor
monitor can be controlled via a web browser.

Other Specifications
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Viewing Angle: 176 degrees (vertical/horizontal)
Video Input: DVI-D (HDCP), D-Sub 15, Component (Y,Pb,Pr) / RGBHV
(BNC x 5), Video (BNC x1)
Video Output: Component (Y,Pb,Pr) / RGBHV (BNC x 5), Video (BNC x1)
Audio: Stereo mini-jack and analog (RCA x2) input; analog (RCA x2) output
Control: RS-232 Serial D-Sub 9
Dimensions: 51.34 (W) x 31.5 (H) x 9.23 (D) inches
(1304 x 800 x 234.5 mm)
Weight: 188lbs. (83.5 kg)

The SANYO CE52SR1 comes with a 1-year warranty, will be available in
October 2008 and have a MSRP price of $13,995.00. It can be seen during
INFOCOMM in booth# C2848 at the Las Vegas Convention Center starting June
18, 2008.

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