Sanyo LP-XU106 Projector, brightest under 4kg

Sanyo LP-XU106 Projector
SANYO Electric has announced it LP-XU106 Projector which came and took the title of the industry’s highest brightness, 4,500 lumens, in the ultra portable class. The new LP-XU106 weighs 3.4 kg and offers a a high contrast ratio of 1,000:1 and a brightness of 4500 lumens.

The new Sanyo Projector also comes with a function called the “Corner Keystone Correction Function” which makes the projector capable of properly project images at an angle, in case the projector cannot be placed directly in-front of the screen, there is also the “Easy Setup Function” which makes it practically usable by almost anyone.

The Sanyo LP-XU106 Projector is scheduled for release November 20, 2009 in Japan with a suggested retail price of 575,400 yen


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