Save Energy with TED (The Energy Detective)

TED The Energy Detective
Go green and save energy and lower your electric bill at the same time with TED, the Energy Detective. While experts are ripe with suggestions on how to do so, most people have no way of truly measuring the differences made by turning off that extra light or using a fan versus the AC.

With the Energy Detective measuring the amount of electricity you use could never be easier, What the TED does is show you how much electricity you are using and how much you will are spending on it LCD display. By installing the TED consumers can expect a saving of up to 20% on their electricity bill.

No more surprises on your electric bill, once installed TED will begin to track and log your usage every second. At the end of the month you can connect TED to your PC via USB and view energy usage. After jump you can find out some of the feature you get with the TED

Some additional key dynamics:
– Discover trends of usage, times of waste
– Dashboard view of real-time usage, displaying all data stored within TED on your PC
– View data in kW, Dollar, or in CO2 format at the push of a button
– Logs Time of Use in kWh, Dollars and Voltage
– Graphs/charts all logged data in kWh, Dollars, or Voltage
– Graphs/charts are printable
– Calendar for viewing is flexible: view day, week, month, year.
– Data is logged in background
– Data is logged in .CSV format for further user analysis or graphing/charting in Excel or other software.
– Load-Profile major appliances, such as Water Heater, HVAC system, or other heavy loads. Records time-of-use, run-time and cost-to-run specified loads.



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