SchultzeWORKS Philco PC with a Retro Design

SchultzeWORKS Philco PC
SchultzeWORKS, a design studio owned by Dave Schultz has unveiled a retro designed computer, the Philco PC which got top three placement in a recent design competition. The design of the Philco PC was inspired from a 1954 design classic Philco Predicta, antique typewriters and steampunk objects. The system has an entire retro design, if you have a passion for retro designs, you will love it.

The design really takes us back to the 50s when we never really had buttons on certain consumer electronics, just big knobs to turn. There is no details or specs of the system, however you will get a more detailed look at the Philco PC in the video after the break..

[Philco PC]

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