Segway PUMA – two seater electric vehicle

Segway Puma
The Segway can be seen in almost every mall in the United States as the Mall Cops pass your by every few minutes. Now the same company brings you the first Segway has teamed up with General Motors to bring you the Segway Puma but instead of one this can transport you and a colleague and travel up to 35 Miles Per Hour.

Just like the original Segway the PUMA balances on two wheels but carries a windscreen, protective cage and two seats which the original one does not have. The PUMA comes with a cool networking like feature that gives you the option to connect to other segway PUMA and informs drivers about traffic congestion, parking spaces and stuff of that sort.

Right now the PUMA is just a concept and we are not sure when or if it will ever be manufactured but as usual we will keep you posted.

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