Sennheiser PC 163D and PC333D PC Gaming Headsets

Sennheiser PC-163D PC Gaming Headset
Sennheiser has two new gaming headsets targeted at PC Gamers coming at us, they are the PC 163D and PC333D PC gaming headsets that both features 7.1-channel surround sound with Dolby Headphone technology. Other specifications that both headsets share are, they both gets Sennheiser quality speakers, they both come with integrated microphones with noise canceling technology. Now lets separate the duo and see whats specifications stands out from each device. Firstly the PC 163D is lightweight and has a unique open design that allows continous airflow so you can enjoy your favorite track while keeping in touch with the action around you. The PC 163D also comes with an integrated volume control and a microphone mute switch on the cord.

On the other side, the PC 333D features a circumaural closed acoustic design XL ear cups that makes it ideal for LAN Gaming as it blocks out noise around you for hyper-realistic gaming with total immersion. Unlike the PC 163D, the PC 333D integrates the volume control in the right ear cup and there is a quick team talk function that allows direct contact with teammates with just a swivel of the DJ Hinge on the right ear cup.

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