Seven Chinese Jailed in “Kidney for iPad” Trail

Kidney for iPhone TrialAccording to news reports, Last Year a boy in China sold his kidney in order to buy an iPad2, the Chinese boy carelessly sold his kidney for 20,000 yuan, roughly $3,085, and later spent the money on an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4, which was Apple’s hottest devices at the time.

The boy eventually fell ill after the illegal operation was done and the people involved were ordered to appear in court. Now after months of waiting, the Beihu District People’s Court in Chenzhou City sentenced seven out of the nine defendants to prison.

Since 2007, China has banned the practice of trading human organs, except for close family members such as spouses and blood relatives. Song Zhongyu, the surgeon, and He Wei, the agent who arranged the operation, were sentenced to prison for three years and five years, respectively. According to the Shanghai Daily, Zhongyu received 52,000 yuan and Wei earned 56,360 yuan. The rest of the seven people involved received their own fair share of the transaction.

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