Sharp AQUOS 3D Blu-ray Players with Hard Drive Storage

Sharp has rolled out three new 3D capable Blu-ray Players that we probably won’t see hitting the shores of the United States anytime soon. The trio includes the Sharp BD-HDW65, BD-HDW63 and the BD-HDS65 which are the latest 3D Blu-ray players from the manufacturer’s BD Series. All three devices are scheduled to hit the Japanese Market in November.

Both the BD-HDW65 and BD-HDW63 Players are compatible with Blu-ray 3D titles, they come with two TV tuners, they offer BDXL support, the only difference in the two is that the BD-HDW65 offers 500GB of storage while the BD-HDW63 comes with a 320GB Hard Drive.

They also offers connectivity to the internet where the hard drives proves their usefulness as they can store movies from Sky TV.

Now let’s not forget the Sharp BD-HDS65, it comes with only one digital tuner, an analog tuner, a 500GB hard drive and connectivity to Sky TV like the others.

Other useful and noteworthy specifications of the three Players includes Ethernet Port for wired connections or integrated WiFi for wireless connectivity, HDMI output, DLNA support and component jack as well. The pricing information is not confirmed, however they will be priced in the range of ¥90,000 ($1,066) to ¥120,000 ($1,422).

* Figures in bracket represents American Dollars.*

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