Sharp AQUOS BD-HDS55 and BD-HDS53 Blu-ray Recorders launching in Japan

Sharp BD-HDS55 and BD-HDS53 Blu-ray recorders launched in Japan
Sharp will be launching its BD-HDS55 and BD-HDS53 Blu-ray recorders on the Japanese Market starting on may 24th 2010. Both of the Blu-ray Recorders are DLNA compatible devices and are all designed to work with Japanese SKYPerfectTV and other Digital TV programs.

They both offers connectivity for HDMI, S Video, composite, optical digital and analog sound, i.LINK and Ethernet LAN. The difference between the two is that the Sharp BD-HDS55 comes equipped with a 500GB hard drive and priced at $967.50 while the Sharp BD-HDS53 gets a 320GB Hard Drive and is priced at $860.


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