Sharp SH001 Camera Phone

Sharp SH001 Camera Phone
Sharp is unveils a new handset via KDDI’s CDMA 1X 3G network. The new handset is the Sharp SH001 which features a 8 megapixel camera.

The SH001 camera functions includes face recognition and auto focus. The camera has the capability of taking photos with a ISO sensibility of up to 2500. The phones specs includes a 3-inch LCD screen that has a 480 x 854 pixels resolution with approximately 26 million colors.

There are also really cool features such as the special noise-canceling feature which let users have clear and noise free conversations even in crowded areas. If you are a fast talking person who have to be slowing down for the person on the other end to understand, then the SH001 features a slow talk button for that reason.

But what would a phone be without a electronic dictionary, e-wallet, GPS support, infrared and bluetooth connectivity. The phone will be retailed for approximately $400 and has 740MB internal memory plus microSD slot for expanding your memory.

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