Shuttle OMNINAS KD20 2-Bay NAS Server

Shuttle just announced its new low-energy NAS server, the OMNINAS KD20 designed for small offices, workgroups and home use. The new KD20 Network Attached Server comes with a 2.5mm stylish aluminum housing that not only looks attractive but it also provides excellent thermal conductivity, keeping the server cool even when it is active for long periods.

Shuttle OMNINAS KD20 2-Bay NAS Server
It comes with a smart cooling engine which includes a 80mm fan that will activate only when the hard disk temperature approaches specific limits. There are two hot-swappable drive bays for 3.5-inch hard drives or SSDs up to 4TB, offering a total of 8GB of storage. The installed drives can be configured to operate in RAID-1 mirroring mode, RAID-0 striping mode or as JBOD.

The new OMNINAS KD20 comes with various connectivity options such as an Ethernet port for connecting to your local network, a USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports and a SD card slot. It has the ability to easily share data stored on USB hard drive/flash drive and SD card, and printers over the network. The device is powered by dual-core processor and offers 75MB/s read nad 55MB/s. It can also be used as a printer server, iTunes server or a DLNA-compatible media server plus a BT download function is also included.

Shuttle OMNINAS KD20
Shuttle will start selling the OMNINAS KD20 on the Europe market, it will be priced at Euro 129 plus there will also be the free OMNINAS apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets for mobile access to the KD20.

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