SimplayLabs DVDO Mobile High-Definition Travel Kit

SimplayLabs DVDO Mobile High-Definition Travel KitSimplyLabs introduces its new DVDO Mobile High definition travel kit which is an all-in-one, portable MHL-to-HDMI adapter and multi-charger for people on the move. The new compact device was designed to deliver HD content from MHL-enabled smartphones or tablets to HDMI HDTVs or projectors.

The DVDO Mobile Travel Kit consist of a 20-inch USB-A cable, an 8-inch microUSB cable that has an 46-inch total span that recoils with wrap-and-hide cable management plus there is a 36-inch HDMI cable to link the solution to a monitor, an HDTV or an HD projector. The kit also has an integrated USB-to-PC connector and USB-to-AC charger for charging your mobile devices.

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