Skype for Windows 8.1 now supports Chat Sync

Skype has been one of the most popular free voice over internet protocol available for a long time now, and it’s widely used by people who live far distances from each other but don’t want to spend too much money making long distance calls.

skypeThe VoIP application has seen a few bugs over the years but there’s one major issue with Skype that was only fixed recently. On the previous versions of Skype, Chat Sync wasn’t supported so if you took a call using one device, the other would keep ring. Text chats wouldn’t synchronize across different devices either, making it difficult to resume from previous conversations without full continuity of the previous exchange.

However, with the new Skype update for Windows 8.1 released earlier this month, all the issues mentioned above has been fixed. Skype for Windows 8.1 operating system is now synchronizing chats and working the way we all wish it would.

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