Slim, Slim Duo and Secure SSD USB Drives by Victorinox

At the 2011 CES, Victorinox announced and showcased its new Slim, Slim Duo and Secure SSD USB Drives that comes in the form of a Swiss Army Knife. The Slim and Slim Duo both comes with a portable USB drive with Victorinox’s standard pocket knife function such as blades, nail files, and scissors and are flight friendly, so hopefully you won’t get harassed by the TSA for having one in your carry-on, the only difference against the two is that the Slim gets 64GB of internal storage while the Slim Duo gets a much larger 128GB storage. The Secure SSD on the other hand is being called the world’s smallest 256GB solid-state drive which also comes Swiss Army Knife tools, plus there is data encryption and a integrated Bistable LCD/e-Paper display with a 96×48 resolution.

Victorinox Secure SSD Swiss Army Knife

Source: PrNewsWire

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