luna smart cover

Smart Mattress Cover Improves Sleep Experience and Make you Coffee

We are now in an era where everything is getting smart and smarter, and if you can’t afford to cough up $1000 for the smart mattress, you might want to go for the Luna Smart Mattress cover instead.

Male sleeping with Luna
According to the people behind Luna, its the world’s first mattress cover that intelligently warms your bed, tracks your sleep, and integrates with other smart devices in your house such as your WiFi-connected coffeemaker for a fresh cup of Joe when you wake, your Nest Thermostat and will even activate your smart door lock once you fall asleep.

The smart mattress works by sending data to an Android or iOS app and adjust temperature according to your preferences. It was designed to make you feel comfortable as you sleep, it can heat you up or cool you down, plus it will even maintain differently temperatures on each side of the bed. If the Luna will help your night time problems, then you can pre-order now for the price of $179.

[Via: Luna Sleep, Engadget]

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