Smartisan OS Launched in China

FireFox is getting ready to officially launch its mobile operating system to compete with the long reigning Android Platform, but FireFox maybe getting some newcomer competition as a company out of china has just announced a new mobile operating system dubbed Smartisan OS.

Smartisan OS launchThe mobile operating system is already available to smartphone manufacturers in China, so we’ll probably see brands like Meizu and Xiaomi who are working really hard to get established on the international market running this mobile operating system on their upcoming smartphones.

Smartisan, as a mobile operating system, intends to humanize the entire user experience, where it clearly shuns the square icon style and grid layout, although the team behind the Smartisan OS too, believes in a closed system just like Apple, for the obvious reason of maintaining a semblance of quality control. The icons in Smartisan are meant to look futuristic and yet functional, with plans for Smartisan’s very own app store so that they need not rely on Google’s Play Store.

The team behind the operating system consist of 24 employees and they are now seeking inputs from users on ways they can improve the experience and performance of the operating system further.

[Source: Engadget via Ubergizmo]

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