Sobi Social Bicycles will run on AT&T Wireless Network

If you are living in a city like New York that is swarming with traffic investing in a bike is a good idea, but it’s very easy for someone to steal your bike, even when using a padlock. With Sobi’s new Social Bicycle you will always know the location of your ride at all times.

Sobi Social BicyclesThe Social Bicycle comes equipped with an integrated GPS unit powered by AT&T’s wireless network which allows the user to locate their ride, the company also released an app that gives the ability to rent bicycle using your smartphone as well as use your smartphone to locate a nearby rack when you want to return the ride.

The application also aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, it calculates the amount of calories burned while covering certain distance on the bike as well as the amount of money you saved by choosing to ride a bike than drive your car, the subway or bus.

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