Sonoro Cubo 2010 and eDock For iPods and iPhones

Sonoro Cubo 2010 And eDock For iPod
Sonoro has unveiled a new media player called the Sonoro Cubo 2010 Media Player. Accompanied with the Sonoro Cubo 2010 is the eDock which is an iPod and iPhone docking station. It comes with a high gloss lacquered finish in red, black, white, silver, pink, jungle green and lemon yellow.

The Sonoro Cubo 2010 comes with a built-in CD player, an FM radio, a remote control and an eDock that is compatible with all generation iPods and iPhone including iPod touch, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. The Sonoro Cubo 2010 and the eDock device are priced at $502 and $94, Respectively.

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