Sony Action Cam Update adds 1080p recording and underwater mode

Sony Action CamSony has released an updated version of its Action Cam Software which brings a number of new features for users to enjoy. The newly released version of the software adds a 1080p/60p recording option to capture smoother video whilst recording fast moving target and scenes using the higher frame rate of 60p.

Another great new feature in the Sony Action Cam software includes an new underwater recording mode which has been designed to provide a even clearer picture than before, thanks to white balance adjustments. Just so you have a clearer understanding of what the new features can do, Sony explanation is located below!

– PS Recording Mode (1920×1080/60p)*: Allows you to shoot smoother video in fast moving scenes using this new, higher frame rate of 60p. Also play back 60p movies on your compatible PC and TV.

– Water Scene Selection: Capture underwater video even clearer than before with this new “water mode” enabling white balance adjustment for underwater shooting.

– Beep Off Setting: For those of you who prefer to film and control your POV footage in a quiet zone, you’re now able to adjust sound levels for the on/record trigger and settings button.

– Play Memories Mobile Seamless Mode Change**: Will let you upload your video content even quicker than before when using the Smart Remote function. Just connect your Action Cam and smartphone or tablet using the built-in Wi-Fi to utilize the Smart Remote and when you’re done filming, upload the footage directly to your social channels via Play Memories without having to disconnect. Coming your way in June!

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