Sony announced Micro USB Flash Drive for Smartphones

Sony has announced its very first dual micro USB flash drive for Smartphones, so if your 16GB of onboard storage doesn’t work for you then this will definitely come in handy instead of deleting content to make space on your microSD card. The micro USB flash drive connects to your Android smartphone via the micro USB port at the bottom which is also used to recharge your battery.

Sony micro USB flash driveIn order to utilize the storage device, users will have to download a specialized app to make use of the USB drive. The Sony Micro USB Flash Drive is only compatible with devices running Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich of higher. It also comes with a full-sized USB 2.0 port which also allows the user to transfer the data from their phones to their computers without the use of a cable.

The compact devices are available in capacities of 8, 16 and 32 GB, and in a choice of 3 different cap colors. Sony is offering the 8GB model for only $19.99, the 16GB model goes for $29.99 and the 32GB model goes for the price of $62.99. Sony plans to start selling this micro USB flash drive for android phones via the Sony store come January 2014.

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