Sony announces the PSP Go

Sony PSP Go
A few days before E3 2009, there is a leak of Sony’s PSP Go which was scheduled to be debut at E3 2009. The new Sony gaming consoles comes with a sleek design and a slide-out controller, however it features a much smaller screen than it’s predecessor the PSP 3000.

With the PSP Go there will be no need for the UMD disk, because Sony’s PSP Go doesn’t feature the UMD disk slot instead it has 16GB of flash memory for storing thousands of games, songs and movies. Other than the huge internal storage it also comes with a Memory Stick Micro slot for expansion on the memory.

The best part is that the PSP Go will offer PlayStation Network support and integration with the PlayStation 3. There has been no pricing information announced but listen out because it will be announced at E3 2009.

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  1. And the good news, is they’re going to sell it for $249 only. That is cheap to think that they included a 16G internal memory and the bluetooth but what’s bothering me is the prices of the games, let’s hope for a best deal from Sony. And while waiting, you can join the name the Pig contest at for a chance of winning 500,000 World of Warcraft Gold! Check it out for the game mechanics.

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