Sony Bravia LX900, HX900, NX800, and NX700 LCD HDTV

Sony Bravia NX800
Sony Electronics is once again setting the new standard for how televisions look and perform. The company recently announced its 2010 BRAVIA LCD HDTV line featuring its first 3D HDTVs. The 2010 Bravia Lineup includes the Bravia LX900, HX900, NX800, and NX700 LCD HDTV which all sports a new innovative and stylish Monolithic Design Concept, and LED backlighting.

The line is made up of 38 models ranging in screen sizes from 60 to 22-inches. The LX900 series The LX900 series offers integrated 3D functionality with Sony’s 3D active shutter glasses and built-in 3D transmitter, while the HX900 and HX800-series are 3D capable using Sony 3D active shutter glasses and 3D transmitter (each sold separately). The 3D models incorporate a frame sequential display and active-shutter glasses that work together with Sony’s proprietary high frame rate technology reproducing full high-definition 3D images. The XBR-HX900 series 3D ready (with the addition of Sony active shutter glasses and transmitter, both sold separately) full HD (1920 x 1080p) models feature Intelligent Dynamic LED backlight and Sony’s new Monolithic Design.

They have built-in Ethernet connection and are wireless-ready allowing them to access a Samsung’s upgrade Internet TV platform. Select 9000 series models will come with a full touchscreen remote control with integrated WiFi.

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  1. Bravia was already very apreciated , but with the new series they launched, Sony prooves it’s on top.
    3D technology, efforts for better-looking black colours with the new OptiContrast panel, Monolithic design, internet with a touch of a button through BRAVIA Internet Video all these make Bravia worth buying.

  2. With the new Bravia series, Sony made a breakthrough in the lcd-plasma industry.
    Sony rebuilt the new series from scratch. The purpose was to build a TV-set that fullfiles the user’s needs. Cinematic series are for those users who are more interested in the quality of images while the Essential series is focused on the price.
    A new design for Bravia 2010 called “Monolithic”, 3D television, LED backlight and LED backlight; all these are the improvments that Sony made for the new series. The result is breathtaking: better black color, reducment of reflections.
    BRAVIA Internet Video provides connectivity with specific online services and most of the models have the new Sony Motionflow PRO technology.

    I found the new series from Bravia extraordinary!

  3. This TV has a smooth motion and a sharp picture. Sony made sure that behind this elegant television lays a technology that produces and ensures that every image stays smooth with Motion Flow 240 Hz Technology. Don’t worry about blurs when watching fast action sports, movies and games because you don’t have to. Sony makes sure of it.

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