Sony confirms SmartWatch 2 launch date for September 9th

Initially it was stated that Sony would be releasing its new SmartWatch 2 to the public on July 15th, but it was delayed and Sony has now confirmed that we will be seeing the SmartWatch 2 officially on September 9, 2013. Sony says that the SmartWatch 2 has been completely redesigned from the ground up and is far more feature-rich than its predecessor.

SmartWatch 2The new device will feature a 1.6-inch LCD display, it supports Bluetooth 3.0, it has a micro-USB charging port and also offers support for near field communication connectivity. With this new connectivity option, it allows the SmartWatch to quickly pair with other devices through just a single touch.

Another great feature is that the SmartWatch 2 comes with an IP57 certification which means it is both dust and water resistant. This means that Sony will have beaten all the major manufacturers to the punch in releasing a next-generation SmartWatch, the device has competition on the way as Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch rumored to still be months away from release, and recent developments that have put Apple back to seeing their iWatch released in late 2014.

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