Sony Xperia

Sony to cut 1000 Jobs from Mobile Division

It appears that Sony is currently going through a rough patch, the Japanese electronics giant seems to be facing an amazing fall as its currently laying off tens of thousands of employees, selling property and even selling its VAIO PC business but still can’t seem to get back on the safe side financially.

Sony Xperia
The company’s Xperia Smartphone business is doing good but can’t seem to hit it big time, and now the company is also laying off workers in this division. According to Nikkei Business out of Japan, Sony is getting ready to cut another 1000 employees as a part of their plan to slash employees by 30% by 2016.

This means we can expect to see the company letting go a total of around 5000 employees by the time its completed the laying off process. The company has been pushing its Xperia smartphones for quite sometime now but can’t seem to make a permanent mark with consumers, so its changing strategy to high-end devices, however this new layoff may set the company back.

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